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  • March 5th, 2013

Legal Aid Cuts ‘undermine law’


From April legal aid will be restricted in a range of civil cases in an attempt to cut the already £2bn bill however Lord Neuberger, Britain’s top judge, has warned that these cuts to legal aid will mean that many will not be able to afford to seek justice in the courts.

Lord Neuberger told the BBC: “My worry is the removal of legal aid for people to get advice about law and get representation in court will start to undermine the rule of law because people will feel like the Government isn’t giving them access to justice in all sorts of cases.

“And that will either lead to frustration and lack of confidence in the system, or it will lead to people taking the law into their own hands.”

He also said that “court hearings will last longer, the burden on court staff and judges will increase,” because people, who could not afford legal aid, would have to represent themselves.

“And you may find the savings the government thinks it’s making in legal aid will be offset in other costs of courts and judges and court staff in supporting litigants in person,” he continued to say.

Will be people be put at risk by the cuts of legal aid? Let us know what you think.

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