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Being convicted for a motoring offences Drink Driving / Excess Alcohol can have great consequences on an individual. Speaking with us today will ensure you don't unnecessarily accept any points or a driving ban.

Drink Driving Solicitors Liverpool

If you've just been breathalysed, charged with excess alcohol or failing to provide a specimen and are worried what will happen next then our drink driving specialist solicitors at MJP can help.

Our solicitors are experienced in defending drink driving cases and we explore every possible avenue to ensure all procedures are followed and will be able to advise you on whether there is a chance of a getting the case dropped, an acquittal at court, a reduction of ban / sentence or the possibility of a conviction.

It is important that you do not take any chances with a drink drive charge. A conviction can have many consequences, not just a disqualification from driving. For example you may: -

  • have to disclose information to your employer - possibly resulting the termination.
  • have to disclose information to your Insurer - resulting in a premium increase.
  • face going to prison in the most serious cases.

Even if a conviction is inevitable our specialist drink driving solicitors can mitigate on your behalf, and put forward special reasons, to give you the opportunity to receive the most lenient sentence possible.

How We Can Help

During your free initial consultation we will be able to look into the evidence and merits to your case, explore any possible defences that may arise and discuss the best way to proceed.

If you wish for us to take it further than the initial consultation then we can look into your case in more detail such as looking at the breathalyser printout (if available), looking through police notes and records, viewing available CCTV as well as looking at any other evidence there may be and taking your account of the events. If the case goes further then we can represent you at court, providing mitigation on your behalf.

Our drink drive solicitors have many years in defending clients at both the police station and court for offences including Drink Driving, Drunk In Charge Of A Motor Vehicle and Failing To Provide A Specimen and therefore we believe our drink driving solicitors can offer the best advice and representation available.

What To Do Next

At MJP solicitors all enquires are free with no obligation if you want to challenge a drink driving charge or are just after some legal advice call now on 0333 011 0515 or use the contact us page.

Our services are available throughout England and Wales including Liverpool and the Wirral.

Although Legal Aid is not always available for all drink driving matters we offer very competitive for our representation and always free initial advice. We can offer advice over the telephone or by a consultation in our Liverpool, Castle Street office.

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