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Robbery is a serious offence and varies from the forceful taking of a mobile phone to the robbery of a bank. A robbery offence must be heard in the Crown Court and carries maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Robbery Lawyers


Robbery is a serious offence that happens if a person uses force to steal, whether it is a robbery of a mobile phone in the street or the hijacking of lorries or security vans.

Most robbery offences are street robberies in UK where such cases usually depend up evidence of identification either directly, by CCTV or forensic evidence, such as DNA or fingerprints. Identification evidence is recognised by the law to be potentially suspect and Court have to warnings about relying solely upon identification evidence.

Other types of robberies may be the robbery of a small business such as a petrol station or robbery of commercial property such as a security van or bank.

Advice at the interview stage is essential to best defend these cases.

Robbery Sentences

Armed robbery is the most serious of the offences and therefore usually attracts the more serious penalties. There are 3 levels of seriousness when deciding on sentencing, these are: -

  • Level 1 - robbery with minimal force
  • Level 2 - involves the use of a weapon
  • Level 3 - involves the use of a weapon and use of force (a lot) and/or serious injury.

A number of factors such as items taken, clothing (i.e. use of a disguise) and if the victim(s) were vulnerable will be taken into account upon sentencing.

A robbery offence must be heard in the Crown Court and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is therefore important to get specialist advice from an experienced lawyer.

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Specialist advice for any investigation into Robbery and Armed Robbery can be given by one of our experienced robbery lawyers.

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