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Getting advice before being interviewed can often be vital to the outcome of the investigation. Our Firearm Lawyers can offer specialist advice and representation on firearm matters throughout the UK.

Firearm Lawyers

There is no tolerance to the possession of firearms and other weapons and tarrif sentence applies to the mere possession of guns, pistols, rifles, machine guns and CS gas canisters etc. There are still large numbers of such weapons in circulation and possession is strict interpreted so that the prosecution do not have to prove knowledgeable possession and the defence is usually that the defendant was not in fact in possession of the weapon.

A criminal charge may come about when: -

  • in illegal possession of a firearm(s)
  • in possession of an air weapon(s)
  • in possession of an imitation firearm(s)
  • illegally convert of weapons
  • use of a firearm(s) in a criminal way.
  • importation of firearms

If you are accused of possessing a weapon, you need immediate advice before interview as the interview can often be decisive in term of prospects of success.

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