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Investigations into corruption can have life changing consequences, even if you are not convicted. It is therefore important that corruption cases are dealt with great care and attention by experienced lawyers.

Corruption Lawyers


MJP solicitors have dealt with every type of alleged corruption cases relating to members of Parliament, Local Government officials and businesses dealing with public officials.

Corruption is offering a reward for a favour from usually a public official and now even small gifts and corporate entertaining such as football tickets can be treated as corruption for which expert early advice is essential. These investigations have life changing consequences even if they are not prosecuted and extreme care is required in dealing with corruption cases now as the political climate dictates that specialist police officers investigate these cases.

Advice at the interview stage is essential to best defend these cases.

Our Services

MJP solicitors provide advice and representation on all corruption matters throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London and the North West.

Specialist advice for any investigation into Corruption can be given by one of our experienced lawyers.

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