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False Imprisonment - Kidnap - cases require tremendous care and attention from experienced lawyers. MJP solicitors have dealt with cases involving the detainment of a person against their will and can offer advice...

False Imprisonment Lawyers

False Imprisonment / Kidnap

False imprisonment (or kidnap) means detaining a person against their will and can occur in very serious circumstances or sometimes by accident where police officers do not understand their duties.

These cases require extreme care and lawyers of great experience to walk a dangerous line between their clients immediate concerns for relatives or friends and their own position in the case. Negotiating skills are required to bring these type of cases to a successful conclusion.

Government or anyone else to hold a person unlawfully or without lawful authority and it is a serious criminal offence. It occurs sometimes in connection criminal debts and police devote extensive resources to these cases even where the kidnapped person maybe involved in criminal offences themselves.

Advice at the interview stage is essential to best defend these cases.

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Specialist advice for any investigation into False Imprisonment or Kidnapping can be given by one of our experienced lawyers.

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