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MJP specialise in defending businesses that find themselves being investigated for crimes. Early advice is required in this area of law and immediate advice is available from our solicitors.

Business Crime Solicitors

Business Crime

MJP solicitors specialise in business crime. A business, company or sole trader can inadvertently become involved in a crime in the course of business in many ways. There is such a wealth of legislation affecting businesses that it is often near impossible for small businesses to remain compliant. The Trading Standards Department is now far more active in its involvement with the prosecution of environment, trade description and copyright cases. The penalties for infringing these laws can be severe and so you need solicitors who are active in this area of law to receive the best representation.

VAT fraud is a specialist area of work and the practice has successfully represented client in defence of VAT fraud cases to values in excess of £10M.

Business Crime Areas

Companies Act Offences

There are numerous offences that can arise from being a director of a company and the regulations are designed to prevent the limited liability status of a company being used to avoid payment of debts or for 'long firm' fraud. It is only in recent years has there been resources allocated towards the prosecution of offences and disqualification of directors and the various agencies of Companies House, Insolvency Service and BERR combine to enforce legislation relating to people acting as 'shadow directors' or running companies insolvently.

Personal liability for company debts can arise and there are strict rules for the lending of company from a limited company. We receive instructs from accountants and finance professionals in advising businesses on liability which be incurred quite innocently.

Insolvency Fraud

MJP solicitors deal with insolvency fraud on a regular basis liasing with Companies House investigators and the Insolvency Service in relation to the disqualification of directors and the Prosecution of directors for unlawful trading.

The Prosecution of directors is an area of speciality of Mark Jones and Dominic McNabb and they have successfully defended company directors and company secretaries who find themselves facing Prosecution as a result of trading at a time when their businesses are considered to be insolvent.

Our Services

MJP solicitors provide advice and representation on all business crime matters throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London and the North West.

Early advice is required in the business crime area of law and MJP solicitors liase with accountants and other experts in defending these proceedings against businesses.

Immediate advice is available in this area on 0333 011 0515 or by using the contact us page.

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