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Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done...

MJP solicitors - Criminal Law

Every year, there are more new laws. These laws add to the number of ways in which people can be imprisoned, penalised or fined by Government. There are more police officers and more Government agencies empowered to prosecute people who live in or visit the UK.

Techniques for the detection of offences also improve with new technology and the risk of being wrongly accused is growing with the threat of identity fraud arising from insecure handling of data. Even though ignorance of the law is no defence, it is impossible for the average citizen to keep up with these changes which could effect their work, their families and their liberty.

The right to consult a legal advisor has never been more important, as is the confidentiality between the legal advisor and the client. These rights are under threat as never before as more surveillance, covert or otherwise and more information and data are collected and shared across Government Agencies.

Many people live with a feeling of apprehension even fear that they will find themselves in trouble with the Police, Revenue and Customs, DWP, Companies House, Trading Standards, Local Authorities and numerous other Government Agencies

What stands between all these forces of Government and the private citizen or business? Criminal Defence Service solicitors are the only independent body which exists to ensure citizens are not oppressed by the Government. Usually, Criminal Defence Solicitors are private firms of contracted solicitors, who are empowered to represent people in the Police Stations and the Courts and they are the only resource that exists to defend citizens´ legal rights and liberties.

Their greatest strengths are their independence, duty of confidentiality and obligation to fearlessly defend their clients. Defence lawyers are criticised often for promoting human rights issues but when it is you or your family member in trouble, they are the only line of defence between the power of Government, the Courts and the private citizen.

The vast majority of work we do at MJP solicitors involves representation of private individuals with or without legal aid. We believe it is a human right to represented by a solicitor in Court and that a strong and effective Criminal Defence Service is the cornerstone of our democracy. If there is no defence for citizens prosecuted by the state, there is no democracy, there is no justice.

MJP solicitors are ´Quality Mark´ approved solicitors authorised to conduct Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) dedicated to defending our clients´ legal interests.

Our offices are based in Liverpool and Wirral but our criminal solicitors are available throughout England and Wales for advice and representation.

MJP solicitors, we believe in 'making justice possible...' - Mark Jones.

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