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Trading Standards is a specialist area and people may face allegations of breaches without knowing they were doing anything that might be considered wrong. If you face charges MJP solicitors can advise you on the law...

Trading Standards Solicitors

Trading Standards Investigations

The term Trading Standards covers areas that may include breaching offences such as trademarks, trade descriptions, copyright design and the patents act 1988 throughout the UK.

There are a number of agencies that a prosecution can by brought by: -

  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority
  • Local Authority Trading Standards Departments
  • Foods Standards Agency

Trading standards is specialist area of law and many people find themselves facing these allegations without ever knowing they were doing anything that might be considered to be wrong. Advice from a specialist solicitor at the initial police station stage is essential for a successful outcome in this area and MJP solicitors can assist in advising whether advice already given at a police station is properly given.

Further Detailed Advice Available

Further advice on trademark offences can be found on our dedicated website.

If a summons is received, usually after a prosecution has commenced, it is important to obtain specialist legal advice and representation. MJP solicitors can advise you on the law, court process and the appropriate plea.

Knowledge of the workings of the protection of intellectual property rights - copyright, trademark etc is essential in defending such proceedings and Mark Jones is the partner responsible for this area.

Our Services

MJP solicitors provide advice and representation on all trading standards matters throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London and the North West.

Specialist advice for any investigation into Trading Standards issues can be given by one of our experienced trading standards solicitors.

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