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An Interview Under Caution take place if the DWP suspect that your initial claim form is has misled them. Our solicitors can represent you during the interview with the DWP and ensure that you are given...

DWP Interview Under Caution

What to expect at the DWP Interview

An interview under caution usually take place at either a Local Job Centre or Local Authority Offices if the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) suspect that you have misled them about something on your initial claim form.

During the interview questions will be asked about your initial claim and any changes that may have occurred since the initial claim. Evidence that the DWP or Local Authority believe support their argument will be put to you. This evidence may include employee details, account details (bank statements), surveillance footage or witness statements. Other forms of evidence may be used but these are the most common.

Further investigations may follow an interview.

If represented by MJP solicitors our solicitors will obtain the disclosure so that you are aware of the exact allegation you face. Our solicitors will also provide quality legal advice ensuring that you are given the best opportunity to defend your benefit claim.

At the Interview

At some stage, the benefit fraud investigation will be referred to the Benefit Entitlement Decision Maker who will look at the evidence provided by the investigating officers and decide whether you are entitled to all benefits claimed covering the relevant period of the investigation.

If it is decided that you were not entitled to benefit, or entitled to benefit at a reduced rate covering the relevant period of the investigation, the matter is passed on to an Overpayment Decision Maker. This person will come to a decision to whether there has been a benefit overpayment and whether it should be recovered.

You will receive a letter indicating what the amount of the benefit overpayment is. You have 28 days to appeal any overpayment decision. However, there is legislation that provides for late appeals up to 12 months after that decision has been made.

Once a benefit overpayment decision has been reached the matter is passed on to the DWP or Local Authority Solicitors who will come to a decision to prosecute you or not.

More Advice on Benefit Fraud Matters

You can find out more about the next stages of a benefits fraud matter by following this link.

Our Services

If you are due to attend an interview under caution at the local job centre or an interview at the Local Authority Offices regarding benefits overpayment our solicitors can represent and advise you throughout each stage ensuring you give yourself the best opportunity to defend your benefit claim at the interview.

We provide our services throughout England and Wales including the areas of Liverpool (including The Wirral), London, Manchester, St Helens, North Wales and Chester.

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