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Involvement in a conspiracy or a conspiracy to defraud is a very serious offence and needs specialist advice and representation from experienced conspiracy lawyers such as MJP solicitors.

Conspiracy Lawyers


A conspiracy can be a very serious offence and means being involved in an offence, or the planning of an offence in a group of two or more people. Conspiracy has a definite legal meaning and has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by admissible evidence.

Further Detailed Advice Available

Further advice on conspiracies can be found on our serious crime website.


A conspiracy is an agreement to commit an offence and it is not necessary that all the conspirators are known or named or all of the offences are known or stated. The prosecution have to prove the intention to be part of an agreement to commit the offence. It is not more serious than the main (substantive offence eg Theft) but is equally serious.

Conspiracy to defraud is different and is very old law which survived modernisation and often used as a catch all offence. The prosecution have to prove 'an agreement to put at risk the property of another' and all the prosecution need to prove is the putting at risk someone else's property deliberately or knowingly.

Conspiracy cases have unique rules on admissibility of evidence and specialist advice from a lawyer is needed from the outset to defend these types of cases.

Conspiracy to defraud

MJP solicitors are specialist lawyers on this subject. This is a difficulty area of law as it is a law that is aimed at catching all areas of fraud not covered by other legislation. As with all conspiracy cases, it is an agreement on a course of conduct to put at risk the property of another and this is much wider than theft or deception or like offence.

There special rules relating to evidence in such cases it is a Lifestyle offence for the purposes of Money Laundering offences. There are not area of commerce or finance which are not subject to this law an increasingly it is being used in DWP cases and immigration cases it being thought to be an easier offence to prove because there is only the need to prove that two people put at risk the rights of another rather actual completing the act itself.

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Specialist advice for any investigation into Conspiracies such as conspiracy to defraud can be given by one of our experienced conspiracy lawyers.

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