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Whilst investigated for Money Laundering there is a high risk of having assets restrained. Being represented by experienced solicitors, such as MJP, who understand the Proceeds of Crime Act is therefore important.

Money Laundering Solicitors

Money Laundering

Money laundering involves the concealment and/or transfer of money obtained from criminal conduct and 'processed' so that the money appears to have come from a legitimate source.

An increase in powers means that there is now a greater risk of being investigated and prosecuted for money laundering. Since the introduction of The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA), which contains the money laundering offences, there has been a sharp rise of prosecutions. Those found to be engaging in money laundering activities face fines and lengthy terms of imprisonment and confiscation proceedings.

There is also a high risk having their assets restrained even before any finding of guilt. It is there for important to get specialist advice from a solicitor as early as possible into the investigation.

Further Detailed Advice Available

For further detailed advice on The Proceeds of Crime Act follow this link.

Money Laundering Sentencing

Money Laundering Offences carry a sentence of up to a maximum of 14 years imprisonment, if found guilty. The severity of the sentence depends on several factors such as how much money laundering is involved and how many transactions took place.

If found guilty of money laundering, confiscation proceedings may follow. Confiscation proceedings are aimed at recovering any profit made from illegal activities that have taken place.

This is an area which is affecting more and more people and requires expertise and technical knowledge to challenge the proceedings.

Money Laundering Services

MJP solicitors provide advice and representation on money laundering matters throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London and the North West.

If you are subject to an investigation or facing prosecution for money laundering, specialist advice can be given by our money laundering solicitors. Our solicitors are experienced in handling money laundering investigations by bodies such as SOCA and HM Revenue and Customs.

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