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If you are accused of a cyber crime the prosecution must place you behind the computer. Our Cyber Crime Lawyers understand what to look for and work with experts to find unauthorised use of the computer(s).

Cyber Crime Lawyers

Cyber Crime

The Internet is a new jurisdiction and domain where all types of financial and other cyber crime can occur with anonymity or the use of false identity. Our lawyers have been involved in the development of the cyber crime law through our unique understanding of the combination of copyright law and expertise in the use of computer hard drive analysis search tools.

Computer Crime & Internet Crime

The intranet and internet provide a variety of risks to any innocent person whose identity has been mis-represented.

Our lawyers have been involved in the largest computer conspiracy case involving the world wide distribution of cracked software successfully and have experience in dealing with all aspects of computer crime quite often in conjunction with the National High Tech Crime Unit in London.

MJP solicitors have specialists at their disposal to be instructed in the analysis of computers for documents that may assist in all aspects of criminal cases and can extract material from defendant's computers and defence sources in readily accessible formats for presentation to the Court. Few firms have as much experience as MJP solicitors in dealing with these type of computer crime matters which are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Whether as evidence or whether as a crime in itself, MJP solicitors understand the workings of computers and how to extract information efficiently.

Mark Jones is in charge of this area of work.

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Piracy is to hijack or steal another's property and in modern times refers software or DVD etc and MJP solicitors have unrivalled experience and expertise in defending these cases and the analysis of computer related evidence. Piracy in this context refers to the Copyright and Trademark of the owner right being copied or passed off as those of the pirate and there are a number of trade organisations who represent the owners. Their function is to enforce the rights of the owner and with the assistance of National Hi Tec Crime Unit (NHTCU) or trading standards department of Local Authority. The defence of these cases is an area of law requiring specialist legal advice. MJP solicitors are specialist in this area.

Cyber Crime Cases

Our specialist cyber crime lawyers were involved the defending the world's largest conspiracy to defraud case at the Old Bailey. This cyber crime case crossed twelve USA State jurisdiction, the investigation being undertaken by the FBI (cyber crime department) liasing with UK High Tech Crime Unit and six European jurisdiction and Australia.

The case evidence involved seven terabytes of data and witnesses giving live evidence by video link from America. MJP solicitors developed bespoke computer software to interrogate raw data served as evidence and unused material logging the same for use during the trial which proved the by the FBI of undercover operatives masquerading as software collectors.

Defending Cyber Crime

All crime related to computers require the prosecution to put the accused behind the computer where the alleged crime was committed.

The prosecution usually seek to prove their case by establishing that a person associated with an IP address or various IP addresses where the cyber crime is alleged to have take place. The defence often need to show that it was not that accused that was operating the computer and that instead the computer was being operated remotely by a Trojan. A Trojan can operate a computer remotely and is used by many people involving perpetrating cyber crime using the computer by hijacking them.

It is essential to have a cyber crime lawyer who understands what they are looking for, who can use experts to find such Trojans and are able to identify how incriminating records could be shown on a innocent person computers.

Cyber crime lawyers, such as MJP solicitors, are experienced in dealing with these types of cases successfully and before trial.

Cyber Crime Sentences

Cyber crime offences can range from computer misuse offences which are relatively minor (although sentencing powers have increased) to wide scale conspiracy shown in the case study. Every case is different and an indication can be obtained as to how serious an offence could be at an early stage.

Our Services

MJP solicitors operate throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London, Cheshire and North Wales.

Cyber crime lawyers need to have experience with computer law and in particular admissibility computer evidence, have the facilities of cyber crime lawyers contact with experts who will assist the defence in every type of such crime (including indecent images cases), where almost invariably offenders use Trojans to hijack an innocent person computer.

Specialist advice for any investigation into cyber crimes can be given by one of our experienced lawyers.

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